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Framed Stevie Ray Vaughan Lithograph

(26” X 20”) $350.00


 $14.99 each


 $12.99 each



 (8” X 10”) $50.00




Two previously unseen images - click here to order

An autographed pastel portrait, signed “All the Life/Full of Soul” with Stevie’s handwritten chord progression for “Lenny” (from his first Gold album, Texas Flood), written for me while travelling together on an airplane. (The original is in the Guitar Hall of Fame).

Both are reproduced in excellent-quality lithographic form, then double matted and framed in gold-trimmed burgundy.


“CUSTOM” stickers - click here to order

These are the exact stickers Stevie Ray Vaughan used on his #1 Fender Strat. I purchased all the truck stop had in stock.

Each sticker comes with a photo of Stevie’s #1 in my basement while on tour.




#1 Guitar pins - click here to order

Absolutely beautiful #1 guitar pin in silver or gold.

The detail is amazing. Approx. 2" long.




Never been published - click here to order

From our personal collection





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